R&D Accomplishment

The following products are some successful examples of our R&D activities.

Product Name
MO (Magneto-Optical) Disk Standard Evaluation System
MO (Magneto-Optical) Disk evaluation system offered from Shizuoka Science and Technology Foundation (Industrial-academic joint research program)
PCB Tester
(In-Circuit Tester)
OK/NG judgement for the electric components on printing circuit boards. This tester detects the pattern shortage and pattern cut quickly. It is used in the process of PCB production. (Product discontinued)
PCB Tester
(Function Tester)
This tester can check PCB performance. It is used for PCB function after passing the test of In-Circuit Tester. (Product discontinued)
Optical Pickup Head Evaluation System
Evaluates the characteristics of the pickup head from R&D to final production stages; also used for sampling inspection of finished products, and for quality control inspection. (Number of patents registered: 1)
Optical Pickup Head Automatic Adjustment System
Adjustment equipment for CD&DVD Pickup Heads in the process of production. It automatically adjusts the laser pass, focus and other functions. (Number of patents registered: 1)
Optical Disc Evaluation System
Disc evaluation system for DVD and next-generation DVD with various modes. It is used in R&D or Production Dept. (Number of patents registered: 6)
Optical Disc Drive Unit
Disc evaluation system for CD, DVD, next-generation DVD with various modes. It is used during R&D activities, for inspections and quality control in the production dept. (Number of patents registered: 7)
DVD Test Player
This DVD test player is solely used for testing of DVD discs. Most disc manufacturers use their testers with this player. (Number of patents registered: 1)
Phase Change Disc Initializer
System to crystalize the recording layer of phase change discs (CD-RW, DVD-RW, etc.) initialization achieved using a high power laser. It is used in the final stage of the production process. (Number of patents registered: 2)
Next-Generation Optical Disk Test System
System to test the next-generation of optical discs such as Blu-ray and HD DVD very precisely. It is used in the process of disc production. (Number of patents registered: 1)
Noncontact 3D Scanner
This technology was developed through "Knowledge Amalgamation Project" sponsored by Shizuoka Pref. by applying the triangulation method of laser light and a CCD device. These dimensional measurements are made without physical contact, and it is widely used for measurements of vehicle bodies and other car parts. (Industrial-academic joint research program) (Number of patents registered: 21) (Number of patents applied: 2)
Collinear Holographic Media Evaluation System
Evaluation system for 1-terabyte discs of more advanced generation than current next generation discs. It is used for the development of holographic recording. (Number of patents registered: 14)
Nano-fabrication System
An application of optical disc technology, this 'Direct write' system fabricates a wide area in 50-nm steps with laser diode at high speed. It is used in various industries. (Number of patents registered: 12)
Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer
The system measures residual stress of the metallic material surface. Measurement speed is 90 sec/point that is very fast. The system is small, lightweight, portable, and can also be operated with a battery. It is useful for on-site measurements.
(Number of patents registered: 36) (Number of patents applied: 6)
Reference Laser Beam
(Light Source)
Reference light source using laser diode. It is used for coherent or reference light source for other optical equipment.
Optical Equipment – Wavefront Sensor
Real-time measurements of the wavefronts transmitted through objective lens used inside the optical pickup head. It also adjusts the optimum point in the production process.

Protection of PULSTEC Products by
Intellectual Property Right

To protect the in-house products developed from our R&D activities, we put all our energy into acquiring patents and other intellectual property rights. Shown in the table below are the number of our patents registered and the number of our patent applications.

Product Patent Registered Patent Applied For
Patent Applied For 25 0
Noncontact 3D scanner 20 2
Nano-fabrication System 11 0
Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer 39 9
Others 22 2
Total 117 13
(As of end March 2018)
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