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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of our company's founding, we will aim at further development of our business.

Ever since Pulstec was established, our strategy has been for "Research & Development Oriented Manufacturing", contributing to innovative development within the industrial community, focusing on the research, development and production of products having high originality such as tester equipment and measuring devices that meet market needs.

When we have in the past experienced decreased business demand due to declining commercial environment, mainly because of stagnation within the disc-related industry. During such times we have felt very sorry for having caused our investors, customers and all those who are concerned great trouble. However, during these less profitable periods they maintained confidence in Pulstec's business skills to overcome such hardships this continued support of the company enabled its return to a period of business growth. In fact, we have restructured our business recently through sales promotion of new products and fortunately backed by special procurement of some of our products, so achieving a positive turnaround for four consecutive fiscal years. I would like to express my deep appreciation for the support provided by our stakeholders.

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company's founding on November 1 this year (2018). On this occasion, we promise to make even greater efforts to strengthen our existing technologies without forgetting where we came from as well as hard but precious experience we had during restructuring our business; at the same time, we will work hard at the acquisition of advanced technology to create new products that can enhance the satisfaction of our customers.

At the same time, we will make efforts to develop human resources who can adapt to the change of time and creation of corporate culture, in this way aiming at the development of our company business.

We kindly ask for your further support and patronage more than ever.

Yukihiro Suzuki
President and CEO
Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.

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