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From our founding in 1968 to the present day, we have strived to foster a corporate culture that constantly improves our technology, skills, and knowledge, enjoys challenges, and generates innovation, with the aim of becoming an "R&D-oriented manufacturing company."

We believe that "measurement" will never disappear as long as industrial products exist.

"X-ray residual stress measurement systems" are used for measurement of products necessary for social life, mainly automobiles and transportation equipment, "healthcare equipment" is used for measurement necessary for health and welfare, mainly in vitro diagnosis, and "optical application and special equipment" is used for measurement of various products as manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment necessary for industry.

Recent technological advances have been remarkable, innovative technologies are being created one after another. Making full use of our strengths in light waves sensing technology, we will continue to develop products that meet the needs of our customers in areas such as measurement, evaluation, and inspection.

By providing products that continue to be chosen by customers, we aim to be a company that continues to be expected and needed by many people.

The social situation is changing beyond our imagination, and we are prepared that the environment surrounding our company will continue to become more severe.

Each and every one of our employees will keep in mind our basic philosophy of "We will contribute to the development of society by creating new value through creativity and ingenuity," and as a member of society, we will make our efforts to contribute to solving social issues.

We would like to ask our stakeholders for their continued support in the future.

Yoshiyuki Aono
President and CEO
Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.

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