1969 - 1995

November 1969
Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd. was incorporated at Hikumacho, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, with the capital stock of 500,000 yen, with a view to manufacturing/selling electronic equipment.
December 1970
Transferred the headquarters plant to Sodecho, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref.
June 1972
Launched mass production of parts-mounted printed circuit boards for air conditioners.
November 1975
Established Hokuryo Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. by spinning the mass production division off.
October 1980
Opened Hamakita Plant, a new manufacturing plant, at Ono, Hamakita City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
June 1981
R&D for functional inspection equipment for component-mounted printed circuit boards was subsidized by Shizuoka Prefecture, and actual development work started.
April 1983
Organized an R&D Project targeting to strengthen our R&D system, and started to develop our own products.
March 1984
Successfully developed in-circuit tester "ICT-8000 Series".
April 1985
Successfully developed automatic adjustment system for component-mounted printed circuit board "CASY-2000".
November 1985
Successfully developed evaluation system for optical pick-up head on CD player "O-PAS1000".
April 1986
Opened Tokyo Sales Office at Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
June 1986
A new R&D section was established in Tokyo Sales Office to strengthen the development activities for new products related to optical disc.
September 1986
Completed new headquarters plant at Higashi Mikatacho, Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka Pref. and consolidated the existing headquarters and Hamakita Plant into one.
June 1987
Developed image-processing equipment "PAMS3000".
January 1988
Developed functional inspection Equipment for component-mounted printed circuit board (function tester) "U-FUN1600".
April 1988
The R&D section was moved to the headquarters plant in order to enhance and optimize development environment.
June 1988
Developed a drive unit for evaluation of optical disc "DDU-1000".
June 1988
Analog RGB Code Signal Inspection System was subsidized by Shizuoka Prefecture, and actual development work started.
November 1988
Established Pastel Co., Ltd. targeting to design, produce and sell printed circuit boards.
October 1989
Technological promotion section was opened within the company's Tokyo Sales Office with the aim of collecting data and information of new products and technologies.
November 1989
Developed a new type of in-circuit tester "Series 700".
April 1990
Tokyo Sales Office was moved to Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
December 1990
Opened Hosoe Technology Center in Hosoecho, Inasa-gun, Shizuoka Pref.
December 1990
Successfully developed automatic adjustment system for optical pick-up head on CD player "O-PAS1100F".
April 1991
Opened Osaka Sales Office at Esakacho, Suita City, Osaka.
September 1991
Successfully developed the functional inspection equipment for component-mounted printed circuit board "F-900".
January 1992
Merged with Hokuryo Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
June 1992
Entrusted by the Shizuoka Science and Technology Foundation, which is a prefectural foundation, started to develop optical disc standard analysis system as one of "industrial-academic joint R&D projects".
November 1993
Development Department was established to strengthen our development activities.
March 1994
Our R&D activities for non-contact three-dimensional scanner were selected by the Shizuoka Science and Technology Foundation as the "industrial-academic joint R&D project", and the relevant development activities started.
February 1995
Successfully developed CD-R disc tester "OMT-2000x4".
October 1995
Enlarged the headquarters plant building to increase our production capacity and to ensure the full potential of headquarters functions.

1996 - 2008

February 1996
Developed a drive unit for DVD disk evaluation (world standard).
April 1996
Established Pulstec USA, Inc. in Torrance, California, USA.
April 1996
Developed Evaluation System for optical pickup head on DVD drive "O-PAS1000A".
April 1996
Developed automatic adjustment system for optical pickup head on DVD drive "O-PAS1100F".
May 1996
Developed evaluation system for DVD-ROM disc "DDU-1000 STEP-II".
August 1996
Company went public on the over-the-counter stock market.
August 1996
Opened DVD Disc Evaluation Center (D.E.C.) at Hosoe Technology Center, Aichi.
April 1997
Developed three dimensional scanner "TDS Series".
May 1997
Moved Osaka Sales Office to Hiroshibacho, Suita City, Osaka.
June 1997
Developed parts mount checker "PMC-1000".
November 1997
Tokyo Sales Office was moved to Ohsaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
November 1997
Our System Group obtained ISO9001-1994 certification.
February 1998
Developed DVD tester player "SDP-1000".
October 1998
Second plant was opened in Hosoe Technology Center.
November 1998
All our domestic offices and plants have been qualified for ISO9001-1994.
April 1999
Developed an initializer for phase change disc "ODI-1000".
January 2000
Opened Europa Office in Swindon, UK.
March 2000
All our domestic plants have received certification for ISO14001-1996.
March 2000
Pulstec stock listed in 2nd Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.
December 2000
Developed 12x-speed CD-R/RW disk tester "RDC-12x".
February 2001
Developed small diameter high density MO disc tester.
June 2001
Opened Beijing Office in China.
October 2001
Developed 2x-speed DVD tester player "SDP-2000".
October 2002
Started sales and support of Medical Information System.
November 2002
Established Pulstec Tianjin International Trade Co., Ltd. in free trade area of Tianjin, China.
February 2003
Concluded License Agreement with Optware Corp. on Media Evaluation System applying Hologram Recording Technology.
February 2003
Developed optical disc evaluation system "ODU-1000".
March 2003
Developed DVD-R prewriting system "DPW-A05".
June 2003
Developed collinear holographic media evaluation system "SHOT-1000".
December 2003
Developed next generation optical pickup head evaluation system "OPU-1000".
February 2004
Established Pulstec (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing, China.
April 2004
Developed optical pickup head for blue-ray disc evaluation System.
November 2004
Developed initializer "ODI-2000".
December 2004
Developed NBCA Writer for CPRM on DVD-R drive type "CARVEX".
February 2005
Developed holographic recording material system "SHOT-500".
May 2005
Developed optical disc (Blu-ray/HD DVD) automatic evaluation system "ODU-1000 (BDT/HDT)".
July 2005
Developed DVD-R/RW disc tester "EXA-16".
September 2005
Developed HVD evaluation system "SHOT-2000".
November 2005
Developed 3-Dimensional scanner using grating pattern projection method "FSCAN".
January 2006
Developed BCA writer system "CARVEX-BW10".
January 2006
Developed optical alignment system for pickup heads "HS-1".
February 2006
Developed three dimensional scanner for CMM, "TDS-PH".
February 2006
Developed wavefront sensor "PWS-1000/2000".
March 2006
Nano-engineering Optical System "NEO-500" was developed in cooperation with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
March 2006
Developed prewriting system "DHA-4000".
June 2006
Developed "BD/HD MASTER".
October 2006
Developed DVD data checker "DDM-10".
April 2007
Developed BCA writer for BD "CARVEX-BW50".
June 2007
Developed three dimensional body scanner "CAPSULAR 3D".
July 2007
Developed in-line BCA writer "BW50" with BCA inspection function.
January 2008
Developed in-line BCA writer "CARVEX BW10-Blue" with violet laser.
April 2008
Developed lens unit check and adjustment system "Lucas".
April 2008
Developed units with laser source beams 488nm and 532nm.
May 2008
Developed defect check handler system for BD-ROM/R/RE "DHA-ERC3".
May 2008
Developed optical pickup head evaluation system for R&D experiments, "PAL-100".
June 2008
Developed low-cost pickup evaluation system for mass production, "O-PAS100".
November 2008
Developed SER checker for BD.

2009 - 2017

March 2009
Dissolved Pastel Co., Ltd., which was Pulstec's subsidiary.
April 2009
Developed low cost optical disk checker "HR-1000".
April 2009
Developed solar power generation type LED street light, "PAL Solar".
May 2009
Developed BD MASTER stamper evaluation system.
June 2009
Developed BW50P BCA writer handler system "BWS-1000".
July 2009
Moved the company's head office to Hosoecho, Hamana-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref.
July 2009
Moved the company's Tokyo Sales Office to Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
February 2010
Developed three-dimensional scanner for CMM "TDS-H".
May 2010
Developed signal evaluation unit for multilayered BD, "SD3".
September 2010
Developed optical disc checker, "DC-1000".
October 2010
Developed "BDXL-MASTER" based on BDXL Specifications.
November 2010
Developed "BD-MASTER" (2x speed).
November 2010
Received the 5th Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award (sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun) by "Development of Endoscopic Surgery Navigator".
January 2012
Developed nano-wave profile measurement unit "LUCAS-Nuk".
March 2012
Acquired medical approval for Operation Navigation System equipped with FSCAN.
June 2012
Developed portable X-ray residual stress analyzer "µ-X360".
October 2012
Developed transparent object thickness and surface waviness measurement unit "HM-1000".
November 2012
Developed portable X-ray residual stress analyzer "µ-X360n" for narrow space.
February 2013
Developed retained austenite measurement software.
August 2013
Developed electrochemical polisher.
August 2013
Developed high speed real-time PCR system "Puls-QPCR".
February 2014
Developed portable X-ray residual stress analyzer "µ-X360n" that is equipped with a vanadium X-ray tube.
March 2014
Developed compact high-speed wavefront sensor "PWS-500".
March 2014
Developed three-dimensional scanner "TDS-L".
April 2014
Developed eccentricity checker "EC-1000".
June 2014
Prizewinning the "Improvement of Nondestructive Inspection Technology" by the Japan Society for Nondestructive Inspection.
July 2014
Obtained medical device manufacturing license in Japan.
August 2014
Developed oscillation jig for "µ-X360n".
March 2015
Developed portable X-ray residual stress measuring equipment "µ-X360n Long Range" that provides a longer measuring distance.
May 2015
Prizewinning the Innovative Technology Award from the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity.
August 2015
Acquired ISO13485 Certification for Quality Management System in the Medical Field.
September 2015
Developed "UHD MASTER" for super high-definition standard.
February 2016
Closed the company's Europe Office.
February 2016
Prizewinning Top Runner Grand Prix of Hamamatsu City New Energy and Energy Saving Support.
March 2016
Acquired the Certification of NI Alliance Partner by National Instruments Japan Corporation.
June 2016
Developed the world's lightest and smallest portable X-ray residual stress analyzer "µ-X360s".
December 2016
Developed triaxial oscillation jig for "µ-X360s".
January 2017
Developed ultra-compact X-ray residual stress analyzer with a separate type measurement sensor head.

2018 - 2022

January 2018
Developed µ-X360s tri-axial oscillation measurement system using a general-purpose robot.
November 2018
Developed µ-X360s for grain‐oriented electrical steel sheet measurement system using a general-purpose robot.
December 2018
Be listed as "The Driving Company for the regional future" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
January 2019
Developed new product "muraR", which is Non-Contact Surface Hardness Variation Scanner, as World's first.
January 2019
Certified "Next-generation support certification" called "Kurumin" by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.
January 2020
Developed residual stress mapping system using a robot arm with a portable X-ray residual stress analyzer "μ-X360s".
October 2020
Prizewinning "Grand Prize of Monozukuri Award" from The Japan Society for Precision Engineering.
November 2021
Certified the second "Kurumin" certification as a childcare support company from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
December 2021
Obtained Class III medical device manufacturing and marketing licence in Japan.
January 2022
Relocation of Pulstec USA, Inc. to Novay, Michigan, USA.
July 2022
Developed X-ray Single Crystal Orientation System "s-Laue".
March 2023
Received certification as an Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 (Small and Medium-Sized Corporation Category).
March 2024
Developed Hardened-layer thickness measurement system "Hardness EYE".
March 2024
Received certification as an Excellent Health Management Corporation 2024 (Small and Medium-Sized Corporation Category).
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