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Create New Value with Pulstec

The company started as an optimistic challenge led by small group of self-confident and optimistic individuals which has today grown into a company that makes important contribution to our society. The spirit of challenge remains the core of our organization as our engineers and their colleagues work diligently to develop new possibilities for each new age.
We, at Pulstec, shall continue to move forward as a group of top-level professionals and experts, apply our ideas and expertise to our daily tasks of creating new values on site and give shape to our visions.

The Origin and Meaning of Our Company Name

The company was established in Hamamatsu with the company name of Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd. in November 1969, at this time the Japanese economy was entering a period of very high growth; the electronics industry was beginning to go away from vacuum tubes and moving into a new era of transistors and integrated circuits. The company's founders foresaw the rapid advance of electronics into a variety of fields, and a high growth potential for companies that focused on applied electronic technologies; The name "Pulstec" was an abbreviation for "pulse technologies".

Principles and Strengths of Pulstec

Since its foundation, Pulstec have always aimed at producing products that contribute to our customer needs and to the development of society in general. Our customers cover many fields, including home electric appliances, transportation equipment, precision machines, semiconductors, chemical products, textiles, and many others. We are conscious that our mission is to solve problems they have in their production and development processes. To this end, we continue to offer a wide range of high-quality competitively priced products to meet their needs.
Reference: Research & Development
Our business principles, and strengths, are summarized below.

Business Principles


Business Content

Our main business is manufacture and sale of electronic applied equipment and systems such as various measurements, controls and data processing, including inspection/evaluation systems, OEM and/or rental services.
Our main products include optical-disc related equipment and systems, which are considered as industry standards. Also included are μ-X360s Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer, OEM R&D and manufacturing of healthcare and medical-related equipment, equipment/systems for inspections/evaluations of optical discs, noncontact 3D scanners, etc. and not excluding apparatus/equipment for exclusive use for measurements, control and data processing, etc. based on customer specifications.
See the Products section for each individual product.

Returns to Shareholders

As one of our important issues we place the returns to our shareholders, and our basic rule is that returns should be distributed steadily according to business performance. Internal reserve funds shall, on the other hand, be applied to future business deployment such as research & development activities for new products, and technologies, facility investment, and creation of new business.

Past Business Results and Dividends

Please refer to Financial Highlights

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