Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer

μ-X360s portable X-ray residual stress analyzer is a light-weight, compact, high-speed and high-precision measurement, and cost-effective product.
This residual stress analyzer can be used on the production site and outdoors, and allows measurements of large structures; it is widely used in many industries and applications because of its easy operations and excellent portability.

μ-X360s Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer

Non-contact and non-destructive measurements applying the X-ray diffraction method.
Easy operations and excellent portability.
Measurement of Residual stress, Full width at half maximum, and retained austenite, which are regarded as potential causes of cracks, strain, dimensional distortion, etc. of the surrounding metals.

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Non-Contact Surface Hardness Variation Scanner

Visualizing hardness change on the surface of steel as 'Hardness Variation' by non-contact and non-destructive inspection.

'muraR' Non-Contact Surface Hardness Variation Scanner

Enable to confirm effect of process such as machining burn, grinding burn, heat treatment by checking 'Hardness Variation'.
Free from destructive inspection and visual inspection. Realized automatic inspection.

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Single Crystal Orientation System

Small and easy to handle.
Integrated desk top model of an air-cooled X-ray generator and a high-sensitivity detector.
Extremely lightweight and compact, making it ideal for most workspaces.

s-Laue Single Crystal Orientation System

Enable to acquire images (Laue spots) of single crystal materials quickly.

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3D Scanner Series

This scanner series applies the triangulation method based on the point-scanning mode excellent in detection sensitivity.
The series has a good traceability with a world-wide standard for contact type 3D measuring instrument.

TDS-L Series

Being excellent in detection sensitivity, this series provides 3D data with wide dynamic range; TDS-L Series scanners can be used in various applications such as a robot vision system, customized measuring system, etc.

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Wavefront Sensors

Advanced technologies we have created in the optical disc industries have been applied and developed.
Utilizing our optical technique, measurements, inspections, detections, etc. are offered in a form appropriate for the needs of each customer.

HM-1000 Transparent Object Thickness and Surface Waviness Measurement Unit

Measurement of various types of transparent objects becomes easier than ever!
Non-destructive measurement of glass and other transparent objects are possible using the OCT (optical coherence tomography image) method.

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PWS-500 Small High-speed Wavefront Sensor

This model is designed for evaluation and inspection of small optical system (3.5 mm or less).
As compared with PWS-1000, this model is even smaller, lighter weight and more economical than Model PWS-1000. Its built-in integration into the existing products is now easier than ever. Customization is possible according to customer's requirements.

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PWS-1000 High-speed Wavefront Sensor

One single unit measurement in the visible light range can be achieved by multiple numbers of measurements. As this sensor is small and lightweight, it can be incorporated into an existing equipment.

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LC-1 Optical Lens Transmitted Wavefront Measurement System

This is a high-speed wavefront sensor application device. It measures and evaluates transmitted wavefront through optical lens in real time. This system can measure lenses of which the wave aberration greatly varies, or even aspheric lenses, which cannot be measured with an interferometer.

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Optical Disc Related Products

Pulstec has contributed to the development of various optical disc technologies for many years. Pulstec offers solutions that match to customer's requests ranging from R&D to mass production.

BD MASTER - Optical Disc Evaluation System / Stamper Evaluation System

BD Master carries on the basic concept of the High-end Tester (ODU-1000 Series). Pulstec successfully achieved space saving and price reduction, and integrated easy operability for operators used in these systems. Today these systems are recognized as the industrial standard measurement equipment for the optical disc industry.

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BW Series (BW10/BW50P) BCA Writer

Cycle time can be greatly reduced as a result of using a rotating table.
BCA codes are recorded on optical discs using a high power laser.

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