Research & Development

Outline of R&D Activities

Pulstec has focused on "R&D oriented manufacturing" starting from the early establishment of the company. With the corporate philosophy that says to Create New Values always utilizing and backed up by ingenuity and Engineering, we aim to contribute to the development of the society. We have developed various types of equipment for testing, adjustments, evaluation, and also developed new products that meet our customers’ needs for improved productivity and quality.
We will continue to work hard in the future to further explore and develop new ideas and products based on the knowledge and experience we accumulated in the past, such as electronics, precision technologies, software development, optical signal sensing technologies, etc., we achieve high standards in product development through combination of composite technologies.
Pulstec R&D activities are basically handled and developed by our Engineering Dept. or Project Promotion Dept. for which special project teams are organized.

Basic Principles of R&D Activities

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