Environmental Concerns

Environmental Policy

The Way We Are
-Basic Environmental Philosophy-

We at Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd. always maintain a deep, trustworthy relationship with the community through its business activities in the development and manufacturing of electronic equipment. These activities are based upon the company's philosophy of "create new values through unique and innovative ideas that will contribute to the development of society".
The motto of "Let's keep a beautiful earth for our descendants" is shared among all Pulstec employees with consciousness being made to lessen the burden on the environment in achieving a good harmony with the environment.
This is "the way we are", that is, our company's basic environmental philosophy.

Pulstec Code of Action

April 1, 2017
Yukihiro Suzuki
President and CEO
Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.

Certificate of Evaluation Registration


Pulstec acquired ISO14001 certification on March 15, 2000.
Certificate of Evaluation Registration


Active Promotion of Environmentally Conscious Products

Pulstec Policy regarding Chemical Substance Regulations

* Use of lead-free circuit boards
In consideration of global environment preservation, our new circuit boards are perfectly lead-free throughout their production process from designing to component mounting.

* Product development conforming to environmental regulations
We, at Pulstec, are actively striving to abide by the EU's RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive; at the same time, we are making efforts to be successful in developing such products that meet each customer's unique restrictions on chemical substances.

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