Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, PULSTEC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") shall give consideration to an appropriate protection of the name, full name, address, telephone number, electric mail address, and so forth that can distinguish an individual (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information").

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

When we need to acquire the Personal Information of any individual (hereinafter referred to as "User"), we shall clearly indicate the purpose of use of such information in advance, and shall, at the same time, obtain such pieces of information following the due process and means of law.

2.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

All pieces of Personal Information acquired by The Company as described in Item 1 above will be used within the scope of the purpose of use as described below:

Except a case based on a law, if the purpose of use of any Personal Information is to be changed, such changed purpose shall be indicated beforehand to the person in question to obtain his/her consent.

3.Information Management

The Company will take appropriate countermeasures against unauthorized access to any Personal Information, leakage, disclosure or any other damage to Personal Information.

4.Supply of Personal Information to a Third Party

Unless required by law according to our judgment, The Company will not supply any Personal Information to a third party, provided, however, that some Personal Information may be offered to our subsidiaries, and trading companies, distributors, etc. who sell or distribute our products so as to accomplish the objective previously agreed upon.
Even when Personal Information is provided to a third party with consent of the User, the range of information to be offered will be appropriately limited to prevent any information leakage by means of a non-disclosure agreement, for example.

5.Inquiry, Correction and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

In the event that inquiry, correction, addition or suspension of use of Personal Information is requested from the User, The Company will handle such request from the User in good faith after personal verification.

6.Revision of the Basic Policy

To cope with any change of laws, regulations and/or social norms, this Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information may be revised as necessary. In such a case, notification will be given on this site.

7.Inquiry and Contact

For any inquiry, questions or complaints, please contact us at:

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