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Research & Development
Outline of R&D Activity
 Pulstec has focused on "R&D oriented manufacturing" starting from the early establishment of the company. We have developed various equipment for testing, adjustment and auto-evaluation to improve the productivity and quality for our customers.
From our experience of R&D including customized products, our company explores new ideas and products based on the knowledge and experience accumulated by the different in-depth technologies such as electronics, mechanics, opto-electronics and software.
Basic Principles of R&D
The basic principles of our R&D are:
1.Create products fulfilling customer satisfaction by exploiting Pulstec core technologies.
2.Advanced development aimed for the future needs of our customers.
3.Promote "cooperative system between universities and industries" coordinated with other industries and public R&D institutions.
Pulstec works on R&D activities based on our management ideology of "creating new values through unique and innovative ideas which contribute to the betterment of society".
R&D Accomplishment
The following products are respective examples of R&D activities.
Product Name Outline
Opto-Magnetic Evaluation
Opto-Magnetic disc evaluation system offered from Shizuoka Science and Technology Association (educational-industrial complex)
PCB Tester
(In-Circuit Tester)
OK/NG judgment for the electric components on printed circuit boards. This tester detects the pattern shortage and pattern cut quickly. It is used in the process of PCB production. (Product discontinued)
PCB Tester
(Function Tester)
PCB performance can be checked. It is used for PCB function after passing the test of In-Circuit Tester. (Product discontinued)
Optical Pick-up Head Evaluation
Evaluates the characteristics of the pick-up head from R&D to final production.
Optical Pick-up Head Automatic Adjustment System Adjustment equipment for CD&DVD Pick-up Heads in the process of production. It automatically adjusts the laser pass, focus and other functions.
Optical Disc Evaluation System Disc evaluation system for DVD or blue laser discs. It is de-facto standard Tester in the industry. It is used in R&D or Production dept.
Optical Disc Drive Unit
(DDU-1000, ODU-1000)
Disc evaluation system for CD, DVD, blue laser discs with various modes. It is used in R&D and production dept.
DVD Test Player
DVD Player solely used for test equipment of DVD discs. Most disc manufacturers use the testers with this player.
Phase Change Disc Initializer
System to crystallize the recording layer of phase change discs (CD-RW, DVD-RW etc)by emitting the high power laser. It is used in the later process of disc production.
Blue Laser Discs Test System System to test Blu-ray and HD DVD precisely. It is used in the process of disc production.
3D Scanner The technology was developed through "knowledge amalgamation project"(Shizuoka Pref.) by applying triangulation method of laser light and CCD element. Three dimensional measurement is done without contact. It is widely used for the measurement of vehicle body or parts.
Collinear Holographic
Media Evaluation System
Evaluation system for next generation discs having 1 terabyte. It is used for the development of the holographic recording.
Nano Fabrication System Applying the optical disc technology, fabricate a wide area in 50nm steps with a semiconductor laser at high speed. It is used in various industries.
Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer The system measures the residual stress of the metallic material's surface. The measurement time is 90 seconds/ point that is very fast. The system is small, light weight, truly portable, and also operated with a battery. It is useful for on-site measurements. From the full Debye-scherrer ring information, coarse crystal and crystal orientation can be displayed.
Laser Reference Light Source Reference light source using semiconductor laser. It is used for coherent or reference light source for other optical equipment.
Wave Front Sensor Real time measurement on wave front of objective lens used inside the pick-up head. It also adjusts the optimum position in the production process.

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