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XRD Equipment
Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer
NEW μ-X360 Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer
Top Features
The world's lightest and smallest
Expand the capability of non-destractive testing field.
Able to measure in pipes with internal diameters down to 170mm wide.
Detecting 360-degrees Debye ring information
Calculated the residual stress with a large amount of data as detecting a 360-degrees Debye ring by using a single incident angle measurement method.
(Calculate with max 500 points data from the complete Debye ring)
image:Debye ring
image:Measurement method
Application software
Possible to check the grain size and grain orientation etc. from the measurement result of the complete Debye ring.
image:Application  software
① Debye ring image.
② Results of residual stress, FWHM, and retained austenite. (optional)
③ Previous measurement results.
④ CCD camera image of the measurement sample.
⑤ Shortcut buttons of frequent measurement condition.
image:Example of the Debye ring
Residual stress
Residual stress measurement by X-ray diffraction.
Possible to check the measurement reliability from standard deviation.
FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum)
Calculates residual stress and FWHM at the same time.
FWHM value become larger by the following effects. ① Smaller grain size ② Higher dislocation density ③ Larger lattice distortion ④ Larger martensite structure.
Many research reports are published about the relationship between FWHM and hardness.
Retained austenite
Possible to measure retained austenite. (Option)
Visualized Debye ring image can help to understand the measurement reliability.
image:Measurement sample
Easy setting
Check the measurement position with a red LED marker which size is as same as X-ray spot size on the illuminated surface.
Sample positioning is easy to adjust through the display of a CCD camera which is equipped on the sensor unit.
image:Easy setting Setup is completed by adjusting the red LED marker to be inside the yellow dot line on the application software.
User friendly operation
Easy to complete the measurement by 3 steps of action.
image:Step 1. Click the target meterial from the shortcut buttons.
image:Step 2. Adjust the measurement position on the sample.
Check the CCD camera display.
The CCD camera image is saved in the data file. Useful to check the sample position after the measurement.
image:Step 3. Start the measurement
Measurement report output function
Easy to make the measurement report.
image:Measurement report
Fast measurement
Faster measurement time: approx.60secs / point. (Ferrite samples, standard collimator)
High resolution detector
Equipped with high resolution detector
Equipped with approx. 1.4 times larger size detector than the original model.
More stable measurement for harden steel materials. (for wide FWHM materials)
Excellent portability by compact size and light weight. Easy to use in the field.
Possible to pack a whole system into a hand-carry case.
Easy to travel with a system by train and airplane.
image: Hand-carry case
Cable connections
Easy connection with 3 cables.
Reliable wired connection
Wired connections between the sensor unit and PC can control the system safely at the limited signal enviroment condition such as inside a tank.
Reliable control by emergency stop signal from PC.
Battery use
Possible to use the system with a battery at the environment without electricity supply.
(W276mm, D190mm, H42mm, Weight 2.5kg)
X-ray tube exchange
Possible to exchange the X-ray tube by customer.
5 types of X-ray tubes, 'Cr, V, Cu, Co, and Mn' are available.
If you have any inquiries, such as demonstration / test measurement, please contact us from the link below.
If you need measurement service and rental service, please contact us from the link below.
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