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Aberration Measurement
Aberration Measurement: Analyze Lens, Glass, and Permeation Element
LUCAS Lens Unit Check and Adjustment System PWS-500 Compact Designed Wavefront Sensor  
PWS-1000 Wavefront Sensor LC-1 Wavefront Measurement System for Optical Lens
Collimating Lens and Cover Glass      
LUCAS Lens Unit Check and Adjustment System
image: LUCAS Lens Unit Check and Adjustment System
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This system is check and adjustment system for lens unit by using Shack-Hartmann method.
Since the LUCAS has a wide dynamic range it can measure the large aberration that is
difficult to be measured with the interferometer.
Wavefront aberration can be measured in real time by high-speed graphic updating. (Max.3Hz)
It is equipped with 635nm light source for measurement.
It is insusceptible to vibration and temperature so that it can carry out the stable
measurement during the production process.
Wavefront measurement software that is dedicated for the LUCAS is included.
Inspection of aspherical lens and convex-concave lens.
Adjustment for lens unit and optical devices.
Inspection of reflection and transmissive wavefront of planar object.
NEW PWS-500 Compact Designed Wavefront Sensor
image: PWS-500 Compact Designed Wavefront Sensor
This is a "High-Speed Wavefront Sensor" for evaluation, inspection use for small size optical system (3.5mm or less).
This is a new product, which is more "Compact Designed", "Light Weight", and "Lower Price" model, comparing to the current system (PWS-1000).
By adopting a smaller camera, the system becomes smaller and lighter.
This will be much easier for a built-in system.
By focusing to a small optics architectures, cost performance is improved.
R&D use and inspection use of the optical components.
Optical lens alignment and quality control use.
Inspection for lifetime and laser light source change.
Degree of tilt adjustment of the optical pick-up object lens.

PWS-1000 Wavefront Sensor
image: PWS-1000 Wavefront Sensor
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This sensor can measure the optical aberration in real time by adopting Shack-Hartmann method.
Availability of more than one visible wavelength measurement with only one sensor.
High compatibility with interferometer.
Lower cost compared to the optical interferometer.
Compact size, light weight and easy to built in.
Beam quality evaluation system for various laser sources. (Alignment for optical pick-up head, laser printer, etc.)
Evaluation of optical components.
Evaluation of reflection wavefront of various specular surface.
Measurement Sample

LC-1 Wavefront Measurement System for Optical Lens
 image:Wavefront Measurement System for Optical Lens
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By applying the high-speed wavefront sensor, this system measures and evaluates in real time the permeation wavefront of optical lens.
Reduction of tact time and full inspection at production line are achieved by real time measurement.
This system can measure high aberration lens which is not supported by interferometer (e.g. single lens of digital camera) and wavefront of aspheric lens.
Both concave and convex lenses can be measured by adopting double-pass method using reference sphere.
Variety of light beam diameter lens can be measured by light beam diameter conversion unit.
Permeation wavefront of optical lens and components.

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NA0.55(CD),NA0.8(DVD),0.9(BD/HD DVD)
Collimating Lens and Cover Glass
image:Collimating Lens and Cover Glass
Collimating lens:
This lens is designed to transform the converging beam from optical pick-up head to parallel beam.
(NA0.55 for CD and NA0.8 for DVD, NA0.9 for BD and HD DVD are available.)
*NA0.9 lens for BD and HD DVD is now developed, this lens can minimize the wavefront aberration as much as possible.
Cover glass:
For optical pick-up head measurement, this optic component is developed to simulate protection layer of optical disc.
(Various thickness for many types of media is available.)
Wavefront measurement of optical pick-up head.

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