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3D Measurement
3D Measurement: Measure Objects and Person
TDS-L   PULS-G  TDS-H          
TDS-L 3D Scanner Series
image:TDS-L  3D Scanner Series
image:Demonstration Video 1
Demonstration Video 1
image:Demonstration Video 2
Demonstration Video 2
image:Demonstration Video 3
Demonstration Video 3
This scanner obtains 3D data without contact based on the optical application technology.
Stable measurement even for the objects with different colors.
It can be used outside because of its high resistance to disturbance light.
Light weight and easy setting.
Low cost compared to other products.
It is possible to upgrade into a system and implement to an automatic robot by customer.
Architectural material inspection, shape detection, material analysis, weld inspection, archaeological research (inspection of monument, cultural property and fossil), industrial inspection (hole diameter of wheel bulb), etc.
Measurement Sample

PULS-G 3D Scanner Series
image:PULS-G  3D Scanner Series
This light weight and precise non-contact 3D scanner can be implemented to multi-jointed digitizer.
Achieved high repeatability less than 50µm with the weight of 460g.
Clear glass can be measured with optional high-sensitivity mode. (It depends on the condition.)
Fast measurement time is achieved by high-speed scanning (max of 60 lines/sec) in addition to scannning range and resolution set-up.
Automotive body.
Electric appliance chassis and large parts.
Burnished pottery, etc.
Measurement Sample

TDS-H 3D Scanner Series
image:TDS-PH  3D Scanner Series
image:Demonstration Video
Demonstration Video
Light and high accurate non contact scanner for Cordinate Measurement Machine(CMM).
Scanner can be installed and add non contact easurement function to customer's using CMM.
Non contact measurement can obtain massive 3D data for short time even thogh it's a complecated object which takes long time by existing touch probe.
Compared to contact method, teaching is easier.
Car parts and sheet metal measurement.
Mold and cast measurement.
Measurement Sample
image:Measurement Sample

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