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Nano Technology
Nano Technology: Fabricate Nanoscale Structure
NEO-Series Nano Fabrication System
image:NEO-500 Nano Fabrication System
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The system is capable of writing nano-scale structures at high speed directly on to the surface of a resist coated substrate (examples of typical substrates include semiconductor wafers or glass). The substrates are rotated in normal air condition. Compared to conventional lithography systems the NEO-500 has advantages of compact size and low investment costs without comprising performance. These advantages are achieved by using a visible semiconductor laser as a light source and Pulstec's uniquely designed optics.
Optical filter
Reflection prevention structure
Photonic crystal
Nano inprint mold
The system was co-developed with the Center for Applied Near field Optics Research in the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
Measurement Sample

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