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Optical Application

Pulstec has introduced a product range developed using the skills of our dedicated engineering staff based on their knowledge and many years experience in optical engineering technology.
Pulstec's product ranges includes: a direct writing system for nano-scale lithography based on Pulstec's unique thermal lithography process, a number of non physical contacting 3D scanners systems that use proven methodologies for advanced metrology applications, and a wavefront sensor system for quantitative evaluation of wavefront aberrations and wavefront shaping that can be introduced by various different optical components, such as lenses, beam shapers, etc.
3D Measurement
Measure Objects and Person
 TDS-L (Compact/Light: L)
PULS-G (A/B<High accuracy: L)
TDS-H (For contact 3D measurement: L)
*L=Laser used  

Nano technology
Fabricate Nanoscale Structure
 NEO-Series Nano Fabrication System

Aberration Measurement
Analyze Lens, Glass, and Permeation Element
 LUCAS Lens Unit Check and Adjustment System
PWS-500 Compact Designed Wavefront Sensor
PWS-1000 Wavefront Sensor
LC-1 Wavefront Measurement System for Optical Lens
Collimatig Lens and Cover Glass

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