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μ-X360 Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer
New product information
image: μ-X360 Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer
X-ray Application Optical Application
Introduction of the "Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer" which can measure residual stress, FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum) and retained austenite with fast measurement time and high accuracy measurement.
Introduction of the optical application products as laser source, nano scale fabrication, 3D measurement, 3D scanner, non-contact coordinate measurement and evaluation and analysis for optical parts.
Optical Disc Exhibition Information
Introduction of evaluation, inspection, and adjustment unit for next-generation optical disc and optical pick-up head etc.
Pulstec exhibit our products to suggest solutions for our customers.
TDS-L 3D Scanner Series
PWS-500 Compact Designed Wavefront Sensor
μ-X360 Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer
Product Brochure
Here is our product brochure.
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