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Optical Disc
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Optical Disc

The technological development of optical disc media has achieved remarkable results, beginning with CD through to DVD and now the new high density formats.
Pulstec has contributed to all these successful developments by providing a range of analytical equipment that support research and development and the production environments of media and drive manufactures.
Device(Optical Pick-up Head)
Over the past 25 years Pulstec has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the optical engineering skills required to development and manufacture optical pick-up heads. The result has been a range of equipment for the characterisation and adjustment for many different types of optical pick-up head. This continual development of knowledge has resulted in the latest analytical equipment to support optical pick-up head manufacture.
  OPU-1000 Optical Pick-up Head Evaluation System (for R&D)
 HS-1 Optical Alignment System for Pick-up Heads

Media(Optical Disc)
Pulstec optical disc evaluation systems are considered as the industrial de-facto standard. We will continue to provide our products that contribute to the industry development.
 MASTER Series, Stamper Evaluation System for Blu-ray
Disc Evaluation System
ODU-1000 (Manual Type)
Optical Disc Drive Unit
ODU-1000 (Automatic Type)
Optical Disc Evaluation Unit
 SER-1000 SER(Viterbi) Checker
DC-1000 Disc Checker
WR-1000 BD Writer
 BCA Writer
Initializer for Phase Change Optical Discs

Media (Hologram)
Evaluate and Analyze
Hologram Recording Media Test System <Two Beam Inteference Method>
Holographic Recording Material Test System
Collinear Holographic Recording Media Test System
Holographic Versatile Disc Test System

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