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 Product μ-X360 Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer
image: μ-X360 Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer
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The μ-X360 is an non-destructive X-ray analyzer for measuring the residual stress in metallic surfaces. This small, light-weight, low-cost analyzer can measure the stress efficiently by detecting the full Debye ring data from a single incident X-ray angle.

•Easy to set up:Minimizes inaccuracies due to sample positioning.
•Fast measurement:Approx.90 seconds measurement time.
•Single incident angle:Possible to analyze narrow areas. Non goniometer stage influence on the measurement result.
•Visual image:Possible to image large crystals and their orientation by observing the full Debye ring data.
•Compact,light-weight and portable for non-destructive measurements-designed for stress analysis, whether on-site measurement including large structures such as pressure vesseles, or work-shop and laboratory based analysys.
Optional battery is available.
• Low operational power and air cooled X-ray source.
Safe to operate and environmentally friendly.

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