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Summary of Pulstec
PULSTEC Create New Value
We began as a challenge undertaken by a few individuals of confidence and optimism, and more than 30 years later we have grown into a company that makes an important contribution to our society. The spirit of challenge remains the core of our enterprise, as our engineers and their colleagues work diligently to develop new possibilities for each new age. We shall continue to move forward as a group of top-level professionals applying our ideas and our expertise to the tasks of creating new values and fulfilling dreams.
The Origin and Meaning of Our Name
 Katsumi Ito and Sumiyoshi Tagaya started Hamamatsu Controls in November 1968, and the following November established the company as Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd. The Japanese economy was entering its period of very high growth, and the electronics industry was beginning to move away from vacuum tubes and into a new era of transistors and integrated circuits. The company's founders foresaw the rapid advance of electronics into a wide variety of different fields, and understood the growth potential of a company that focused on applied electronics technologies. The name Pulstec was an abbreviation for "pulse technologies"-the technologies of the electronic pulses that serve as the heartbeat of all electronic equipment.
Principles and Strengths of Our Company
 Since our beginnings, we have brought together new technologies, original ideas, and highly capable engineers for the purpose of creating products that meet customer needs and contribute to the advancement of society. Our customer list includes manufacturers from various fields, such as electric appliance, OA equipment, transport equipment, precision machinery, chemical, fiber, and medical equipment-and we believe that it is our mission to help these manufacturers solve their production-line problems and other technical issues. Consequently, we strive to provide high-quality and reasonably priced products that meet a wide variety of needs-such as products and equipment that support automation and power savings. (See "R&D.")
Our business principles and business strengths are enumerated below.
 Business Principles
To use our creativity and capabilities to create new value and to contribute to the betterment of society.
To proceed in good faith with all members of society, as we seek to further not just our own prosperity but also the well-being of all individuals.
To remain aware of our responsibilities, and to apply wisdom and good faith as we seek to open new possibilities.
Engineers from a wide variety of fields are developing products by bringing together element technology and know-how.
(A wide variety of fields: electronic circuitry, computer applications, optics, precision machinery, and automated control)
We are the industry leader in technologies related to evaluation, adjustment, and inspection of optical discs and pick-ups.
We have customers in a variety of industries-including electrical appliance manufacturers, chemical suppliers, and automakers. The majority of these are top-level companies listed on the first section of the stock exchange.
We have a strong R&D organization, engineers are engaged in R&D issues and production concurrently, all working together to come up with new high-value-added products.
We respect the autonomy of all of our employees, and maintain a flexible company structure that encourages all employees to generate their own ideas and to venture opinions freely without regard to rank or position.

Business Content
 Our main business is inspection and evaluation equipment for both R&D issues and production line and manufacturing and sales of electronic applied equipments and system such as various measurement, control, and data processing.
Our optical-disc related equipment and system is considered as industry standard, and has played a crucial role in the development of the optical-disc industry. To take advantage of our flexible mind and technology, we will challenge for the development of new products.
In the field of optical application equipment and system, we come up with solutions for a variety of industries. We will continue to pursue the possibilities for commercialization of new products and seek for new core business for Pulstec.
See "Product" for individual product.

Returns to Shareholders
 We place the returns to shareholders as one of our important issues and our basic rule is that returns should be distributed steadily according to business performance. Internal reserve funds shall be applied to future business deployment such as R&D of new products and technology, facility investment, and creation of new business.
Past Business Results and Dividends
 Please refer to Historical Financial Data.

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