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Environmental Concerns

Environmental Concerns
Environmental Policies

 Basic Beliefs
 Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd. has maintained a deep, trustworthy relationship with the community through its business activities in the development and manufacturing of electronic equipment. These activities have been based on the company philosophy of "creating new values through uniqueness and innovative ideas contributing to the development of society". The slogan of "Maintaining A Beautiful Earth for the Future" is shared among all Pulstec employees with a conscious effort being made to lessen the burden on the environment in realizing a "good harmony with the environment".

 Basic Policies
1Try to maintain/improve a healthy environment, reduce waste and save energy/resources through business activities.
2Observe all laws/acts/regulations related to the environment as well as to establish company policies to further improve control management.
3Take measures to prevent environmental pollution in both daily operations and unexpected accidents.
4Make an effort to develop new technologies and products that are in harmony with the environment.
5Establish environmentally related goals and try to realize them. Regularly examine and update these goals and promote continuous improvements to the environmental control issues.
6Provide training courses so that every employee recognizes the basic ideologies for protecting the environment and may act according to the policies established by the company.
(By Yukihiro Suzuki, President of Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd., April 1st, 2017)

  We have obtained ISO 14001 authentication on March 15, 2000.

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