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History (1990-1999)

December,1990  Established Hosoe Technology Center at Hosoe-cho, Inasa-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture.
   Developed Automatic Adjustment Equipment for optical pick-up head on CD drive "O-PAS1100F".  
April,1991  Established Osaka Sales Office at Esaka-cho, Suita-City, Osaka.  
September,1991  Developed Functional Inspection Equipment for componentmounted printed circuit board "F-900".  
January,1992 Merged with Hokuryo Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. 
June,1992 Entrusted by The Shizuoka Science and Technology Foundation, started to develop optical disc standard analysis equipment as "industrial-academic joint R&D project". 
March,1994 The R&D of Three Dimensional Scanner is certified as the "industrial-academic joint R&D project" by The Shizuoka Science and Techunology Foundation and the development started. 
February,1995 Developed CD-R Disc Tester "OMT-2000x4". 
October,1995 Expanded the headquarters plant to increase production capacity and to ensure the full potential of headquarters functions. 
February,1996  Developed Drive Unit for DVD disc evaluation "DDU-1000 for DVD".
(The World standard)
April 1996  Established Pulstec USA, Inc. in Torrance, California, USA.  
   Developed Evaluation System for optical pick-up head on DVD drive "O-PAS1000A" .  
   Developed Automatic Adjustment System for optical pick-up head on DVD drive "O-PAS1100F".  
May,1996 Developed Evaluation System for DVD-ROM disc "DDU-1000 STEP-II".
August,1996 Went public on the over-the-counter stock market in Japan.
   Opened DVD Disc Evaluation Center (D.E.C.) at Hosoe Technology Center.  
April,1997 Developed Three Dimensional Scanner "TDS Series".
TDS Series
TDS Series
May,1997  Transferred Osaka Sales Office to Hiroshiba-cho, Suita City, Osaka.  
June,1997 Developed Parts Mount Checker "PMC-1000". 
November,1997  Transferred Tokyo Sales Office to Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
    The System Group has been qualified for ISO9001-1994.  
February,1998 Developed DVD Tester Player "SDP-1000".
October,1998 Established second factory in Hosoe Technology Center. 
November,1998 All domestic offices and plants have been qualified for ISO9001-1994. 
April,1999 Developed Initializer for Phase Change Disc "ODI-1000". 

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