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History (1969-1989)

November,1969  PULSTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. incorporated at Hikuma-cho, Hamamatsu-City, Shizuoka Prefecture, with the capital stock of 500,000yen, targeting to manufacture and sell erectronic equipment.  
December,1970  Transferred the headquarters plant to Sode-cho, Hmamatsu-City, Shizuoka Prefecture.  
June,1972 Launched the mass production of Parts mounted printed circuit boards for air conditioners. 
November,1975 Established Hokuryo Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. 
October,1980  Established Hamakita Factory at Ono, Hamakita-City, Shizuoka Prefecture.  
June,1981 Functional Inspection Equipment for component mounted printed circuit board R&D was subsidized by Shizuoka Prefecture and the development started. 
April,1983 Organized the R&D project targeting to strengthen the R&D structure and started to develop our own products. 
March,1984 Developed In-Circuit Tester "ICT-8000 Series".  
April,1985  Developed Automatic Adjustment Equipment for componentmounted printed circuit board "CASY-2000".  
November,1985  Developed Evaluation System for optical pick-up head on CD drive "O-PAS1000".  
April,1986  Established Tokyo Sales Office at Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.  
September,1986  Completed new headquarters plant at Higashi-Mikata-cho, Hamamatsu-Ctiy, Shizuoka Prefecture, and merged both the headquarters and the Hamkita Plant.  
June,1987 Developed Image Processing Equipment "PAMS3000".  
January,1988 Developed Functional Inspection Equipment for componentmounted printed circuit boad (Function Tester) "U-FUN1600". 
June,1988 Developed Drive Unit for evaluation of optical discs "DDU-1000".
Analog R.G.B.Signal Inspection Equipment was subsidized by Shizuoka Prefecture and the development started.
November,1988 Established Pastel Co.,Ltd targeting to design, produce, and sell printed circuit boards. 
November,1989 Developed a new type of In-Circuit Tester "700 Series" . 

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