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Top Message
Yukihiro Suzuki, President and Representative Director
  Corporate Beliefs
 Create original and innovative ideals to contribute to the development of society.
In cooperation with our community, a harmony is sought between the prosperity of the company and the happiness of all the employees.
We challenge ourselves with wisdom and conviction, being fully aware of our individual responsibilities.

Basic Management Policies
 Produce an enlightened and creative climate within the company.
To employ young, energetic minds.
Respect the merit system, positioning the right people to the right places.
To guarantee opportunities, commendation and compensation.
To promote R&D activities and the creation of new ideals.

Back to where we started and strive for revival.

Ever since Pulstec was established our strategy has been for "Research & Development oriented manufacturing" contributing to innovative development within the industrial community. Our personnel have therefore striven to develop their skills keeping up to date with advances in technology, enabling Pulstec to focus on the research and development of products that our customers require.
Pulstec has, like many other high technology sectors companies, experienced periods of growth, enabling our business to expand. Similarly, we have experienced less profitable periods due to less demanding commercial environment. It is however, without doubt, that these less profitable periods require our investors to maintain confidence in Pulstec innovative skills, to overcome these situations and to enable the company to return to a period of business growth. Pulstec is determined to make further innovation, in order to facilitate the application of our employee's skills to achieve a fast return to growth. We will also explore the many new and exciting opportunities to meet the needs of our new and future customers.
We are going back to our origins in order to be essential a company for the development of the society and we kindly ask for everyone's support and cooperation as we are to work as one to overcome this hardship.

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